protean- adjective (pro-tee-uhn): 1. of or resembling Proteus (a master of disguise in Greek mythology) in having a varied nature or ability to assume different forms. 2. displaying great diversity or variety. 3. changeable in shape or form.

I’ve always viewed myself as a kind of shapeshifter. Always a hundred hobbies and activities and projects, always a shifting playlist in the background from disco to punk to folk to hyperpop, always several different friend groups involved in different parts of life. I am a multidisciplinary artist that creates mixed media artworks, jewelry, paintings, and sometimes sculptures and various fabric things. My art is distinctly mine, without having a specific quality that I can attribute to being in all of my works- even my signature shifts each time I scribble it out. Of course it’s not just me that feels this way, there’s a whole plethora of us neurodivergent queer artists that have never fully fit in anywhere, yet fit in everywhere.