About the Artist

Em (they/he, any neopronouns) is a multidisciplinary artist based in and from upstate NY. They are a genderqueer and pansexual artist that has been out for over a decade, but recently has been exploring and becoming more comfortable with the more masculine parts of themself. Sexuality and gender have always been themes in Em’s paintings but recently have come to the foreground as they become more comfortable with their own body, desires, and presentation. Aside from gender and sexuality- themes of disability, physical and emotional pain, trauma, and other mental health issues frequently show in Em’s artwork. Nature also plays a heavy role in their artistic inspiration, having grown up in one of the many hill-towns surrounding Albany and still trying to find as much time as possible to be outside. They feel their art shows many perspectives and representations of beauty, pain, sex, and sickness that can be seen everywhere on Earth.

They have appeared at various local events such as the Big Gay Spring Market 2024, Big Gay Pop Up at Mount Ida Preservation Hall 2024, Summer Big Gay Market 2023, Alacrity Summer Art Festival 2022 and 2023, Albany Twilight Market in 2021 and 2022, Arlene’s Art Market 2022, Capital District Resurrect Pride Queer Market 2021, and the Frear Alley Mini Flea 2019. Their art has been showcased at Cafe Euphoria’s Queer Art Gallery and Maker’s Market 2023, R Gallery Arlene’s for the 2021 Juried Small Works Show and at Saratoga Arts in the 2021 10×10 show.