Why protean?

protean- adjective (pro-tee-uhn): 1. of or resembling Proteus (a master of disguise in Greek mythology) in having a varied nature or ability to assume different forms. 2. displaying great diversity or variety. 3. changeable in shape or form.

I’ve always viewed myself as a kind of shapeshifter. Always a hundred hobbies and activities and projects, always a shifting playlist in the background from disco to punk to folk to hyperpop, always several different friend groups involved in different parts of life. I am a multidisciplinary artist that creates mixed media artworks, jewelry, paintings, and sometimes sculptures and various fabric things. My art is distinctly mine, without having a specific quality that I can attribute to being in all of my works- even my signature shifts each time I scribble it out. Of course it’s not just me that feels this way, there’s a whole plethora of us neurodivergent queer artists that have never fully fit in anywhere, yet fit in everywhere.

Commission info!

How to go about commissioning me!

First, have an idea of what you would like! Most often I am commissioned for paintings of a wide subject matter, from personalized zodiac paintings, to landscapes, to robot girls! I have also done jewelry commissions using materials I have on hand or with family heirlooms given a more modern or alternative flair.

Right now I have some commission slots open on ko-fi for personalized hand drawn stickers! Check it out here https://ko-fi.com/proteanart/commissions

Pride Month 2024

Hello beautiful people!
Here’s a little pride month announcement for everyone!
I’ve got an ongoing sale of 25% off all jewelry in my ko-fi shop that will be from now-July 1! https://ko-fi.com/proteanart/shop when you use code SPARKLE at checkout. Also, monthly subscribers to my ko-fi now have 15% off all purchases from that shop! I also have many items in my depop shop on sale that will remain on sale the whole month of June!

Events you can find me at:
Paper Moon Troy Group Art Show for the whole month of June I’ll have two paintings on display!
Troy Pride Night Out, Friday, June 21
Collar City Pride, Troy NY FIRST pride event in River Front Park on Sunday, July 14
Possibly more to come!!

Happy pride yall xoxox

protean art

Shop Update 4/26/2024

Hey yall!
So I have some disappointing news to share

A few weeks ago my stripe account was put under review and closed, after a brief back and forth with stripe it became clear that there would be no moving forward with them as a payment processor (which affected not only this shop, but my ko-fi as well for a moment).
My stripe account was closed due to breaking their terms of service (“adult content”) due to the nature of my artwork. While some payment processors make exemptions for “classical artwork” showing nudity, any modern or alternative artwork showing nudity gets banned from using these platforms and payment processors. Myself and many other artists have noticed that this happens ESPECIALLY for queer artists and artwork, and for more alternative artworks portraying nudity.
On top of this I could not get approved for a business PayPal account, I put in all of my information and then soon afterwards it was closed, I’m assuming for the same reasoning.

My only other option for the time being is Square, which sadly holds the same policies about “adult content” and I don’t feel it’s worth giving another entity my personal information just to have the account closed immediately or after one sale.

All of this comes after my WooCommerce shop being closed with no reason given, and they seem to not have any policies about “adult content” in place, though it’s been some months since I’ve looked into it so that may have changed by now.

Censorship in these forms affects marginalized people and artists the most. The amount of poor, queer, Black and brown artists that I’ve personally known (online and in real life!) that have lost sales or means of making sales is huge. The question that I keep hearing is “what do we do now?” and “where do we go?” I’d like everyone to remember that WE protect us, WE help eachother. These companies and corporations were never designed for us to use, especially without a fight. The systems are not broken, they are working as designed.

For now you can find and purchase my non NSFW works on depop and ko-fi I’m probably going to purchase the pro WP EasyCart which will give me access to 30+ other payment processors, but I’m going to have to look into it first to ensure that there are one or more options that will accept “adult content” and NSFW artwork. If you’d like to purchase my other artwork, my shop here will stay open (though you can obviously not purchase from it) and we can negotiate payment outside of here. My NSFW artwork can be found (with me!) at various upcoming events where you can purchase it in person.

As always, much love and solidarity to everyone and thank you for your support, understanding, and love

<3 Em, protean art

The Sketchbook Project

You used to be able to find my sketchbook project (from 2020) contribution here. But as the project has dissolved after a fire took nearly half of the sketchbooks in May 2023 (estimated like 25,000 out of 60,000 were lost to the fire) AND the digital library is now down (which imo is bullshit as many of us paid extra for the digitized option for the sketchbook? I didn’t buy mine, it was a gift from my grandmother and father as a way to ensure my art would shared and that sucks that it is no longer out there) I figured I’d share the few photos I have of my sketchbook.
I’d also like to take a second and say I’m not sure about other artist, but the sketchbook project never reached out to me about the fire, the status of my book, or how to get it back. The dead line to contact them to see if your sketchbook survived and to have it sent back to you was in June and only was announced on their instagram by the looks of it. I’m not sure if my sketchbook will be sent to one of the participating museums or not, but I do hope that the digital library is back up soon, so all of us artists can get copies of our art (that we paid to have, but it’s just my bad for not having already saved the copy, I didn’t think it would randomly be taken down… but that’s what we get for assuming…)